What us the real point of Pragmatism now a days?

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We all know that throughout history, there have been various forms of thought that have given people the tools to coexist and evolve in our environment.

However, we haven't really perfected the philosophy of modern life. The best way of thinking in the modern world: pragmatism. This philosophic current covers things, causes, categories, and principles. It gives importance to the practical effects or results of ideas, in order to give a better grasp of reality.

We not only acquire a philosophy of life to satisfy our needs, but as an instrument for human happiness. Nowadays, we face lots of situations and circumstances that dwell on our decision making, and as human beings, we run into moral and logical issues, as well as the process that everyone has in their lives.

In other words, many people find that superficial people of the twenty-first century would consider philosophy as a mere substitute of religion. This comes from the continuous cycle in which philosophy is constantly rising and dying in the sequence of different systems. But like it or not, that’s how we interpret life.

Now, why does Pragmatism emerge as a new philosophic current in our time?

Its origin stems from a series of articles that Charles Pierce presented on “A new platform for Philosophy,” of which was expected would replace the foundationalistic platform of René Descartes. Among the revolutionary innovations of mentioned series, there was an argument of Pierce, which every thought consisted in signs that are external and public (semiotics).

Pragmatism is marked by its belief that meaning would guide us through experience towards truth. This idea of a reality independent of the way we think of it, and form in which the world is, will force us finally, if we have the time enough to surpass our inaccurate conceptions of it. Such idea tends to distinguish the pragmatic philosophy of Pierce of other varieties of Pragmatism.

In another writing, Pierce proclaimed that pragmatism was a “marvelously efficient instrument of a pointed service in every branch of science” which would aim for great advantages for life. However, he came in to the fact that really, Pragmatism occupies mainly of the clarity of the thought and the secureness of reasoning, at the same time he pointed out there was a price for security.

According to Pierce, reasoning goes hand in hand with secureness and creative potential. Whereby he began to believe that pragmatism has limitations that result of choosing the security of the results over creative thinking and observed that “Pragmatism does not grant one simple smile to the beauty, moral virtue or abstract truth, the only things that rise humanity among bestiality” But let’s not commit a mistake supposing that we must renounce to intellectual thinking on behalf of creativity.

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